Create Wood Stickers with Glowforge

Create Wood Stickers with Glowforge

Sabine Allen

Yes, you read that correctly! WOOD Stickers! I may have went a little overboard and made an insane amount of stickers lately. I just love the retro look and feel of them. 
All you need is wood veneer and 3M backing that you attach to the bottom side of the veneer. I purchased veneer that already has the 3M on it. 

I created several sticker design bundles, you can find them here

Make sure to pin down the veneer so it's completely flat on your crumb tray.
I used the Thin Maple Veneer settings.

It does take a while to engrave but the stickers are so worth it, I promise!

You can color the stickers with alcohol ink markers and you can seal them with wood sealer.

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