Butterfly inspired Earring Template

Butterfly inspired Earring Template

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If you haven't tired making faux leather earrings yet - now is the time! I want to show you some tips and tricks to make the process a little bit easier and more fun!

Butterfly inspired Earring Template

This is what you'll need:

Butterfly Earring Template
Faux Leather
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Glue (E6000)
Jump Rings and Earring Hooks

Butterfly inspired Earring Template


Open and adjust the Earring Template

Start by downloading this template and open it in Silhouette Studio. You need the Designer Edition to open SVG files. If you don't have the Designer Edition you can open the DXF file but it won't open in color.
You can resize the design if you want the earrings to be larger or smaller than shown.
Ungroup the design. Delete the "preview" image in the top left corner and the "middle layer" (teal color). I'll show you a trick that will eliminate the step of having to cut and apply the middle layer. 

Butterfly inspired Earring TemplateButterfly inspired Earring Template


Prepare the faux leather

I used the Cricut faux leather. And here is the trick I mentioned earlier - we will apply HTV to the back of your faux leather sheet (fuzzy side). I love working with metallic and patterned heat transfer vinyl but you can use any kind you like. I used an iron but you can use a heat press as well. 
Now you can put your faux leather sheet on your cutting mat. Make sure to use one that is very sticky so your faux leather won't move during the cutting process. Place it with the HTV side down. 

Butterfly inspired Earring Template

Adjust the cut settings

I used the setting: Blade 10 (you should use a new blade to get good results), Speed 2, Force 30. After your machine is done cutting don't unload the mat just yet and check if the faux leather is cut all the way through. If it isn't you can cut it again. 

Butterfly inspired Earring Template

Butterfly inspired Earring Template

Assemble the earrings

Glue the top part onto the bottom part using E6000. When the glue has dried you can add the jump rings and hooks.

Butterfly inspired Earring Template

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Butterfly inspired Earring Template

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I Love these! I’m thinking about cutting the top butterfly “veins” out of HTV as well and ironing them on rather than gluing. (I usually make a big mess out of glue LOL)
THESE ARE GORGEEEOOUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!! So summery and beautiful! :)

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